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Last Updated on: 24th September 2023, 02:12 pm

These days there are many reports came out about Vladimir Putin Health. That he is not fine and all kinda news & also Vladimir Putin Health & cancer News spread arround the world so far from months . Today we are gonna tell you about the right Health Status about Vladimit putin Health and Putin Cancer News.

Recently Twitching the Leg so many Times in a meeting with KIM JONG UN represant, about Vladimir Putin Health Issue.


Footage from the highly anticipated meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Russia on Wednesday has raised eyebrows as it shows Putin repeatedly shifting his foot position, giving rise to renewed speculations about Vladimir Putin health.

The summit took place at the Vostochny spaceport, with the two leaders seated across from each other, accompanied by their interpreters. During the meeting, Putin appeared to grapple with involuntary leg movements, a phenomenon that has been noted on previous occasions.

In the video footage, the 70-year-old Putin can be seen lifting and gently twisting his left foot from side to side before placing it back on the ground. Perhaps most peculiarly, he momentarily raises his restless foot, keeping it suspended above the floor for several seconds.

This seemingly compulsive fidgeting with his foot persisted throughout the photo opportunity, with Putin mostly keeping his hands awkwardly clasped in his lap. The incident has sparked discussions about the possible reasons behind Putin’s leg movements, adding an intriguing layer to the high-profile diplomatic meeting.


Vladimir Putin Have Been Seen Before Doing The Same Thing in Another Meeting…

In February, during a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, cameras captured Vladimir Putin Health While Putin struggling with restless legs, at times gripping the arm of his chair for stability. This peculiar behavior was also noted back in September 2022 during an event in Kamchatka.

There have been other instances where Putin seemed to seek support, such as gripping the edge of a table and arriving with a limp arm during a visit to Tehran. There was even a sighting of suspected IV marks on his hand.

Speculation has long swirled about whether the septuagenarian leader might be dealing with Parkinson’s disease, a condition known to cause dystonia or involuntary muscle twisting. Additionally, various rumors about terminal forms of cancer surfacing during the Ukraine war have circulated, suggesting that these conditions might be hastening his decline.

Not surprisingly, the Kremlin has consistently rejected these claims as mere hoaxes, maintaining that Putin is in “good health.” The mystery surrounding Putin’s health continues to be a topic of debate and intrigue, adding an extra layer of curiosity to the international stage.

“Is Vladimir Putin Battling Cancer? Claims Emerge from Ukrainian and Danish Intelligence Agencies”

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there has been a surge in media reports discussing Vladimir Putin Health seems to be alleged deteriorating. These reports have circulated across various platforms, including tabloids, YouTube channels, and mainstream news outlets, all speculating on serious health conditions such as cancer and Parkinson’s disease afflicting the Russian President. The most recent sources of these claims come from Danish and Ukrainian intelligence agencies.

The Ukrainian intelligence chief has gone about vladimir putin health as far as suggesting that Putin’s death so soon. Meanwhile, a Danish intelligence officer has raised concerns about how his alleged ailment might be influencing his decision-making, particularly in the context of the Ukraine invasion.

Russia vehemently declined these reports in July of the previous year. The Director of the US Intelligence Agency, William Burns, similarly stated that there was no substantiated evidence indicating any decline in Putin’s health.

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