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Samudrayaan : Matsya 6000 is all set After Chandrayaan 3 & Aditya-L1

matsya 6000

What is Samudrayaan Matsya 6000?

matsya 6000

Its is Time for the Indians , where India is Developing all its Strength in Every field Now it is the time for the Ocean Exploration.

After success mission on moon , Mars on the height on the sky, Now India is All set to go into the deep ocean to explore new thing

with Samudrayaan: Matsya 6000. Matsya 6000 will go Dawn 6 Kilometre deep in The Ocean to discovery and Showing The World

real Power and Strength of India. This Samudrayan :Matsya 6000 will took The Mission Responsibility Very Soon.

3 People are set go in  the Samudrayaan Matsya 6000 into the ocean deep dawn 6 Kilometers to Study and Exporation . What

Actually is inside the depth of the Ocean.

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